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Hi Dr. Bowman,

Over these years I have dedicated myself to getting your words, and others words out to a wider public through my work founding 911Visibility and as a former national outreach director of 911Truth. Here's why I'm emailing you now. 

This new novel coming out from NY Times best selling author, Steve Alten, can help blow the 9/11 truth message wide and far beyond what normal activism can reach. The action novel audience is vast, and the media a best selling novel can generate is vast.  Steve Alten wants to utilize that media to advance truth in a big way.  He needs our help. 

Please, take a minute and see my below appeal to all. Also if you or anyone you know is going to Boston for the Tea Party, I'm seeking the help of people going to Boston to help get these novels into the hands of 9/11 activists and movers and shakers from all over the country, so that when they get home they can urge their email lists to get it, put it up on their websites, etc. etc. Warmest regards, and thank you so much for all you've done and do.

Bill Douglas

The shell game
by Steve Alten
Go to Steve Altens website to:

9/11 TRUTH ALERT! New York Times best selling author writes 9/11 TRUTH novel

In the 9/11 truth movement we have seen heroes step forward and risk their livelihoods, their reputations . . . everything, in the name of truth. Today another hero has stepped forward to put it all on the line for truth. A New York Times best selling author has taken the big leap, and written a scalding truth telling novel , that can change everything. PLEASE HELP HIM HELP US, HELP 9/11 TRUTH, HELP AMERICA !!


I plan to order The Shell Game at both and, and urge everyone I know to do the same! WHY? Because if this book is an action novel success, it has the ability to reach millions of readers that activism can never reach . . . action fiction readers. It is set to have prime space at Borders and Barnes and Noble. I plan to call ALL my local bookstores and make sure they plan to stock it. Please do the same!

This book is set in a future US President's administration, involving false flag terror. However, throughout the book, real life quotes and news clips leave any reader with an increasing awareness that 9/11 was not what we were told it was. Here are a few clips from real life quotes, etc. that lead into various chapters in the book:

“Where was the military? General Richard Myers [Acting Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff] and Mike Snyder [NORAD spokesperson] both said no military jets were sent up until after the strike on the Pentagon [9:38]. Yet American Airlines Flight 11 had shown two of the standard signs of hijacking at 8:15. This means that procedures that usually result in interception within ten or so minutes had not been carried out in eighty minutes. That enormous delay suggested that a stand-down order, canceling standard procedures, must have been given.”

-- Professor David Ray Griffin,
The 9/11 Commission's Incredible Tales

“Over the course of two years [independent journalist Daniel] Hopsicker not only added information to what was known about [the 9/11 hijackers] military training, he established that some of the hijackers associated with wealthy Floridians had both intelligence and Bush family connections. Hopsicker also confirmed that within hours after the attacks, Florida Governor Jeb Bush had a military C-130 Hercules transport fly into the Venice [ Florida ] airport where a hastily loaded rental truck, filled with the records of Huffman Aviation – where Atta, Alshehri, and others had trained – was driven directly into the plane. The C-130 immediately took off for parts unknown.”

-- Michael C. Ruppert, from Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

I have found in these years of 9/11 truth activism, that we can work ourselves to death trying to make things happen . . . or we can open to opportunity and advance our cause in ways that shift the entire paradigm of possibility.

This New York Times best selling author's new novel is one of those opportunities. If those hungering for 9/11 truth and a new investigation don't do all we can to ensure the instant and massive success of this novel . . . we will have let an extraordinary opportunity slip through our fingers.

Bill Douglas, Founder of 911Visibility, and former national outreach director of


On January 22, 2008, N.Y. Times best selling author, Steve Alten and Sweetwater Books will release The Shell Game , a cautionary tale, written in the guise of fiction, that exposes the hidden truths behind the events of September 11 th and the invasion of Iraq , along with the neo-conservative agenda to wage a new war in Iran . Meticulously researched, Alten's tour de force focuses its plot on the end of oil and the next 9/11 event, election fraud and the corporate influence that is tainting America . Its main character experiences the dangers of the Patriot Act and the effects of torture.

By writing the story as a novel, this established mainstream author brings our own important messages into mainstream America . Should the book become a big best seller, it would drive these issues into the limelight during the most important election in our nation's history. In addition, the book's success would raise all of the 9/11 organizations' boats. The author's appearances on mainstream venues such as Today Show, Good Morning America, Daily Show, David Letterman , and the Tonight Show , along with hundreds of radio, TV News, and print media will be used to generate renewed interest in our own investigative areas of interest and could very well lead to hearings while influencing the 2008 elections. Such is the power of a focused mainstream message.


A major public relations plan is already underway to launch The Shell Game onto best seller lists. Front table space has been secured in all Barnes & Nobel and Borders Bookstores. A first run of 40,000 books has been ordered (31,000 books have already been pre-sold into stores). By creating a buzz on your website/blog and asking your members to purchase the book during its opening week (JANUARY 22 – FEBRUARY 1, 2008), you can help us push the book onto every national best seller list. In doing so, you will open up mainstream venues that rarely embrace these important topics.

In exchange for your assistance, we'll:

  1. Link your site to our website. Add this video:
  2. We'll even help sell your books, tapes, and DVDs.
  3. Recommend your organization in the second edition (and all subsequent editions) on a special dedication page of the book.
  4. Steve Alten will carry your message during his publicity tour. Provide him with your talking points and watch him work…and recommend your organization.
  5. Once the book becomes a topic of mainstream conversation, we'll be arranging public symposiums and forums hosted by the author with your organization's reps as our invited speakers.

In the past, the truths behind 9/11, the invasion of Iraq , the need to go with a green energy plan, and the looming invasion of Iran , manipulated by the neo-cons, have garnered little mainstream press. All that can change with The Shell Game . By standing together, we can finally put the spotlight on the corrupt acts that have cost countless innocent lives, maimed a generation, trampled our constitution, and have bankrupted our country's morals.

--Trish Stevens, public relations THE SHELL GAME

--Kyle Hence, 911CitizenWatch, 9/11 Press for Truth.



"Steve Alten proves his versatility in his latest thriller THE SHELL GAME , a tour-de-force thriller tackling oil, politics, and the state of the world.  Controversial, shocking, meticulously researched, and sure to raise many eyebrows in Washington , Alten has produced both a dazzling political thriller and a cautionary tale for our times. Anyone interested in the labyrinthine world of politics, international gamesmanship, and the control of oil in society needs to read this book."
-- James Rollins , New York Times bestseller of The Judas Strain


“A nerve-wracking thriller about America 's addiction to Middle-Eastern sweet crude and the network of enablers who keep our dependent nation away from detox.” --Kirkus Review

 "Whether you embrace it or refute it, 'The Shell Game' cannot, and should not, be easily dismissed. This is Steve Alten's boldest, bravest book to date. He's fearless, in fact, and his skills as a storyteller have not dulled. 'The Shell Game' leaves you shattered, angry and demanding change." -- Andrew Tallackson , Michigan City ( Ind. ) News-Dispatch entertainment editor

“Action packed, intense and politically probing, "The Shell Game" is an intriguing blend of fiction and non-fiction that will most certainly disturb the practitioners of the game, because it will make readers stop and think about American foreign policy in the oil-rich Middle East .” --Richard Folsom, Washington Daily News

“Do we really trust our leaders on how much oil actually remains untapped? Do we want to leave our future, much less our children's future in the hands of power hungry government officials and greedy corporations who care little or nothing about the common individual? After reading this book I think that you will agree that fiction or not; "The Shell Game" is one of the most prolific and important books of our time. Highly recommended.” --Craig Harvey – MOVEMENT MAGAZINE